Taz – is a kazakh breed of hunting dogs.
Taz lives in the territory of Kazakhstan more than thousand years. But nowadays there are 300 thoroughbred Taz in the country and 10-12 Taz in New-Mexico.
Taz is a graceful and proportioned dog. The hed is a small, wedge shaped with hanging triangular ears. The neck is long, the lean belly, the back is straight, thin long tail at the end bent into a ring. The coat is short and soft.



Taz is a autonomous and independent. They are not inclined to be aggressive to the strangers, but seek to maintain a distance even to the owner.

We have many mementos and legends about them since ancient times. By one of them:”Taz is born in Kumai(snow vulture) birds nest and from it inherits the power, beauty, speed and certainty of an attack”. One must understand that the symbols and allegories of ancient myths are reinterpreted. The birth of the egg is the acquisition of new properties which differ Taz from other breeds of dogs.

Since ancient Taz is a symbol of purity and morality. That’s why Taz saved exterior for a thousands years. With them we saved many traditions but they are so much that we can’t write all of them.

For example the translation of the word “Taz”-“таза”(clean). Moreover with respect to this breed never been used name “dog”(ит). They were called only Taz and they didn’t apply religions prohibitions. In Islam no one animal except cats(as they are God’s eyes) can’t get in the mosque. Dogs can’t get in as their saliva and feets are dirty, but there is a n exception for Taz.

And to ensure such a clean, sanctified by ancient traditions, it was necessary to keep Taz in the house where for them designated a space. They eat a specially cooked meat and drink milk instead of a water.

By purity and morality Taz occupied a special place in the life of Kazakh people. This breed was considered one of the seven treasures-“Zheti Kazyna”. Taz always was a significant value with a special responsibility. One couldn’t just buy or sell Taz. There was a puppy selection rite bor the name “Қарғыбау”.
But Nowadays market price of Tazy is 100-150 $.

By Esbol Karshigayev for JABE