Jabe is Qazaq steppe horse. Can survive in -122F. Well known for ability to thrive at any environment, from extreme heat to extreme cold. Patient and kind, smart and fast. MOVE WITH JABE.



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This tour is a one unique experience you will remember your whole life! Baikonur Cosmodrome tour with a scheduled spacecraft launch will give you an opportunity to see a rocket launch on 28 JULY 2017. During your visit to Baikonur city you would explore two Baikonur history museums, Buran Orbital Complex, astronauts crew at ready-to-go report, and witness a spacecraft launching into the space. NB: * the tour dates are bound to spaceship launch schedule that can subject to change. It is recommended to have few days of flexibility after trip dates and to book flights after launch date has been reconfirmed. ** Please be advised that tour will take place at the secured zone. Unlike our cultural tours, Baikonur tour does not have flexible schedule. Based on space ship launch time, all visits during the tour will have specific times which all tour participants are expected to follow. *** The price per person for this tour only applies if the group is no less than 5 people.

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Meeting the FIS (International Ski Federation) standards, nursery sloaps for beginners, long race tracks for advanced skiers, downhill race tracks and walleys with innocent snow.... But, what you will love most is its atmosphere, meeting high quality standards, with international restaurants, and jet set. Here you will have a chance to drink tea with local instagram divas or famous people in Kazakhstan.


If you only got 3 free days you must visit Charyn Canyon and relax at Premium Resort SPA with a fascinating hot springs pool. Go there wth JABE comfortable business class car and JABE guide assistant so even if you leave Almaty, you will still feel safe and comfortable. Resort has got good restaurants, relaxing spa, several pools outdoor and indoor. Many of the world’s hot springs are heated by magmatic intrusions in active volcanic areas. However, no volcanic eruptions are expected anytime soon in Almaty, so a lot of the thermal pools in the region are heated by leaking groundwater from more than one kilometer deep where temperatures can reach about 86 °F. This results in most Chundzha resorts offering hot springs ranging from 68 – 99 °F to near boiling.

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JABE Concierge will crack any FACECONTROL FOR YOU! So you can visit the best night clubs in Almaty, where only 1 out of 20 can get in. ALMATY NIGHTLIFE IS RICH as EVEN all Kazakhs coming from all around the country to have a taste of nightlife in Almaty. Order you fun trip with us today!




ALL kinds of relaxing SPA procedures in the Mountains please contact vip@jabe.kz


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Gulzhana Kaliyeva


Gulzhana Kaliyeva is MA. Gulzhana has worked as a business interpreter for the last 10 years. Besides, for 7 years she has worked in Shanghai, where her customers were Russian, East Europe and Chinese companies and individuals. She knows Russian. Kazakh, Mandarin, and English. Gulzhana got her bachelor degree from Shanghai University, she used to work for ELLE CHINA and Moscow fashion company Tom Farr. Later she achieved her master degree in Media Management and Crisis PR from one of the best Kazakh University KIMEP. Also, Gulzhana is a member of the Golden league of talented Young people of the country and holder of President Scholarship Bolashak and Shanghai Government Scholarship.



Kamila Ydyrysbayeva is graduate from Leicester University. Speaking English, Korean, French. Kamila is in Sales Department.



JABE GUIDES are educated, motivated and trained to be responsible assistants to our guests. Every week guides go through 3h trainings for improving all skills needed for excellent service. Before joining our team, each guide attended a 3-step interview with professonals. Jabe guides are kind, patient, friendly, smart, with good sense of humor, and excellent language knowledge. Our guides is our pride and joy. They represent the best in Kazakh culture - warm welcome and positive attitude. Main goal of our trainings is to make positive atmospere for a guest, and leave him satisfied with Jabe service.

Aizhan Tugambek

Product Manager

Aizhan is a graduate from HTMI - Kazakh-Swiss Institute of Hotel Management. She holds great passion for her work in this field and achieved great accomplishments. She has studied abroad in Switzerland and enjoys traveling.


In a distinctive QAZAQ traditions every guest is Important for JABE Concierge. Meanwile we respect personal privacy of our members. Our guests is our proud.
I travelled to Almaty at October 2016. Information about local issues important to first timer was very limited. I was lucky to find Jabe and it's CEO Gulzhan Kalieva to support arrangements and make all arrangements smooth during the stay. Information she and her partners provided consist in my case translation service English -Russian -English at meeting, they provided honest information about high quality hotels in area where my meetings took a place. Also taxis, restaurants to my favor, as well as general introduction to Kazakhstan culture and important issues to recognize while in Almaty. Based to experience I will use JABE services in future and can warmly recommend them to any foreign or Kazakhstan people who needs dedicated service while in Almaty area

Janne Turunen, 44

Helsinki FINLAND, Sales Director, Equipment for minerals processing industry
I want thank Jabe for making my stay in Almaty an excellent experience. Proffessional team took care of me in a fantastic way, showing me around and helping me enjoy my stay. Jabe agency translation services, both verbal and in writing, really helped me a lot. When I get back, I will definitely contact them again, planning to purchase more services. Jag vill tacka Er för att Ni gjorde min vistelse i Almaty till en mycket lyckad och framgångsrik upplevelse. JABE tog hand om mig på ett fantastiskt sätt, visade mig runt och hjälpte mig verkligen få ut det bästa av min vistelse. Översättningstjänsterna, både verbalt och skriftligt, hjälpte mig verkligen mycket. Ni assisterade mig på ett utmärkt sätt. När jag kommer tillbaka, kommer jag definitivt att kontakta Er igen och hoppas att Ni kommer att ha tid och möjlighet att stödja mig igen. Med vänlig hälsning, Thomas Norberg, 61 CEO på Tarifflex, Stockholm, Sverige

Thomas Norberg, 61

Stockholm, SWEDEN, CEO at Tarifflex
I used the translation services of Jabe and was very happy with the service they provided. The approach was very professional and prompt. It was simple and clear and the service was always of a very high standard. During my time in Almaty I also used the concierge and tour services. I visited the town and discovered the lovely Koktobe where I could see the view of Almaty city. The guide was very helpful and warm and gave a very personal touch to the experience of visiting a town that she knew so well. I was impressed with the speed of service and punctuality and will be sure to use them again during my future trips to Almaty. J'ai utilisé les services de traduction de Jabe et a été très heureux par le service que j'ai reçu. L'approche était très professionnel et ponctuel avec un niveau à la hauteur de mes attentes. Durant mon séjour à Almaty j'ai également fait appel à leur service de conciergerie et de visites guidées. J'ai visité la ville et j'ai découvert Koktobe avec la jolie vue de la ville d'Almaty. La guide a été très gentille avec une touche personnel lors de la visite de la ville qu'elle connaissais très bien. J'ai été très impressionné par la rapidité de service ainsi que la ponctualité et utilisera surement leurs services lors de mes prochains séjours à Almaty.


Amsterdam, Holland, businessman
First of all I have to say, that it was my first trip to Kazakhstan, but not the last. Almaty and its people appeared to me as a great experience, and the people from JABE concierge service made it, to be one of the best times in my life. With no word in Russian or Kazakh language I would have been lost, but… They took care about everything, guided my through the city on the paths of a local. Including impressive cultural views and great bars and clubs, they never forgot to show me the world behind the normal tourist program. Most of the Time I spent with a beautiful girl, Assel Lakova, she always found a friendly word, and managed her tasks in an professional, but easy looking way. Thank u very much! Great time, I hope to come back again. With JABE Concierge! Was für eine schöne Zeit, perfekter Service Diese Reise war meine erste nach Kasachstan, aber sich nicht meine letzte. Almaty und seine Einwohner waren eine tolle Erfahrung und die Mitarbeiter von JABE concierge service haben es geschafft, die Zeit zu einer der besten in meinem Leben zu machen. Mit meinen fehlenden Sprachkenntnissen, ohne ein Wort russisch oder kasachisch zu beherrschen wäre ich verloren gewesen, aber… Die Leute vom Concierge Service haben sich um alles gekümmert, mich durch die Stadt auf den Pfaden der Einheimischen begleitet. Mit einem interessanten kulturellen Programm kombiniert mit tollen Bars und Clubs, haben sie nie gescheut, mir die Welt außerhalb eines typischen Touriprogramms zu zeigen. Die meiste Zeit verbrachte ich mit einer hübschen Dame namens Assel Lakova. Sie hatte immer ein freundliches Wort, und schaffte es, ihre Aufgaben unaufgeregt aber pflichtbewusst zu erledigen. Vielen Dank, ich hoffe sehr noch einmal in den Genuss zu kommen. Immer wieder mit JABE concierge service!


Vienna, AUSTRIA, PR-strategy


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